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Tresses in the Wind
By Mohsen Namjoo
March 2007
به فارسی بخوانيم
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The music for this video was first composed for the animation Marg-e Marg ("Death of Death") by {Fatima Yathrebi} in 2003 based on a poem by {Hafez}. It was rerecorded as a Persian New Year gift. Director of photography and concept {Hamed Safaee} with actress {Zahra Amirebrahimi}.

Let not the wind into your tresses or I will go into the wind
Let not seduction be your way or I will loose mine

Drink not with any old contender or I will drown in pain
Savor not your wine or I will turn red in sobriety

Lock not your hair or I will be locked in remorse
Twist not your hair or I will get twisted

Become not the rival's friend or I will become mad with rivalry
Feel not for others or I will cease to feel

Open your face and I won't need a flower
Stand tall and I won't need the air of heights

Paint not the town red or I will shed blood for tears
Cherish not the other's company or I will perish

Steal not the limelight or all light will leave me
Ogle not or I will melt beneath your gaze

Be kind to this poor suitor and come to my aid
For me not to appeal to the Messenger

Hafez will never turn away from you
For he became free the day he was entrapped by you.